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Tuesday 23 July 2024

Tuesday 23 July 2024

Tuesday 23 July 2024

Cooling System Set

Product Introduction

The task of the engine cooling system (water radiator) is to transfer the high heat of the combustion chamber to the outside of the engine and to operate the engine at the right temperature and to prevent engine parts from being damaged due to an increase in temperature. In this regard, the cooling fluid flows to the hot walls of the cylinder by the water pump. If the temperature of the fluid rises, the thermostat opens the path and the hot fluid enters the radiator through the inlet tube and transfers its heat to the tubes along the path of movement in the radiator. This heat is transferred to the vanes from the junction of the tube and vane, and the heat transferred to the vanes is rejected and cooled by the forced air flow. After cooling, the liquid exits the outlet pipe and continues its cycle.

Radiators with aluminum and copper-brass materials and in two fin-tube fin-tube types (in this type of radiator, the length of the tubes is perpendicular to the fins and the tubes pass through the fins). and crougate radiators (in this type of radiators, the tubes do not pass through the fins, but the fins and tubes are placed along each other) are produced and marketed.

The radiators with perecrogit are a newer technology that have high production speed and efficiency, which are produced with HF type tubes or B type tubes with brazing technology, which HF tube has higher durability.

Saina Automatic Cooling System
Sahin Dual Pipe Cooling System
Pride 151 Tropical Cooling System
Double Barrel
X200 Cooling System
(Tiba, Quick, Saina) MT
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