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Tuesday 23 July 2024

Tuesday 23 July 2024

Tuesday 23 July 2024

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Company introduction

Tina Sanat Madabat company (private joint stock) under the cover of Iran Radiator Company (public joint stock) was established in 2018 with a capital of 90 billion Rials and an annual production capacity of 25,000 pieces of radiators and aluminum car coolers in the country. Currently, this company is one of the largest manufacturers of automotive aluminum heat exchangers including radiators, heaters and condensers in the Middle East and production lines with modern technology in a space of 3200 square meters of production halls and 800 square meters of office halls including planning and logistics departments. , engineering, quality, commercial, administrative and financial research and has 160 expert personnel. This company is currently recognized as one of the largest suppliers of automotive aluminum heat exchangers in the country, with an annual production capacity of 1.5 million pieces of various radiators, condensers, and heaters. The main products are supplied to car manufacturers such as Saipa, Bahman, Pars Khodro, Saipa Citroen, Bonro, Mega Motor Company, and sales representatives of Radiator Iran Company across the country. The company’s products are also exported to Ukraine, Turkey, Syria, and Iraq.

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